Are pets allowed?

Yes! Pets are very welcome.

Does pricing include bedsheets?

No, but it’s possible to rent bedsheets and towels for an additional charge of 5€.

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in starting at 2 pm. Check-out at latest at noon.

Payment methods

Payment during check-in. Cash and bank cards accepted.


Sauna can be rented during stay or beforehand. Pricing 15 € / hour for personal use.  General shifts 2 € / per person.


Breakfast is served upon order. Price 7,50€. Children under 8 years 50% off. Breakfast includes porridge, break, cheese, ham, tomato, eggs, juice, coffee & tea.


The Cafe is open 08.00-22.00. During weekend possibly later. Beer and mild liquor available until 01.30. Pizza and other small snacks upon order. It is also to order catering for meetings etc.